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The highly influential Forex Trading Strategy (also called the Balanced Option and Price Fluctuation News) has been specifically developed for critical Forex trading with as little risk as possible. It can only be used with press releases that affect Forex trading such as US GDP, US non-farm payrolls, or interest rate decisions. Although all currency pairs interact with the likes of The Infinity APP news, dollar-based currency pairs show the best result due to low price differentials and high liquidity.


Circumvent the problems of breadth of price and slide difference.
Basic trading base.
Simple settings.
High success rate.
Scarcity of quality news of important events.
A requires a low margin trading medium and quick execution of trades.

How to trade?

Choose an important press release that has a significant impact on Forex currency pairs.
For EUR / USD, I recommend the US GDP report, US non-farm payrolls, US interest rate decisions, Euro zone interest rate decisions, and US PCE inflation reports.
Open buying and selling positions before the scheduled statement in one minute. This helps protect the deal from slippage and widening price spreads.
Set the stop loss for both trades at 10-20 record points depending on the news of the volatility and variability of the expected price.
Set the profit taking to the centers for 5 × SL. This ensures that the risk ratio is provided against the reward.
Volatility is likely to trigger a stop loss for a deal and a profit on the other.
Move the remaining stop loss to the breakeven break point once the profit reaches the original stop loss.
Close any stations left after the news release by one hour.
If The Infinity APP uses the “FIFO” as an implementation model, the news can still be traded with this strategy. Place the pending orders at the entry points at the levels and you must set stop loss for the original positions. When one of the pending commands is moved, the other must be canceled. This requires modification of the strategy for use in MetaTrader 5. Unfortunately, however, it may suffer from excessive exposure to slippery breadth and price difference.

The Infinity APP
The Infinity APP


An example of an important trading strategy is the chart

The following example depicts a USD / CAD @ M30 deal on the chart during a US / Canadian joint announcement on unemployment figures for October at 13:30 UTC on 6 November 2015:

View the entries as shown in the blue and red arrows pointing to the right.
The blue color represents the purchase. The red color will sell.
Original stop loss levels are red lines above and below the insertion points
Pink represents a stop loss for a short position after it has been moved to a break.
Profit taking levels are the green lines above and below the entry.
The sell-off was closed by a stop loss within the first second after the news. The exit is marked with a red arrow pointing to the left.
The Buy Center was closed within one hour of the news. Did not reach the target level but gained enough profits to cover losses from the sales center and achieve a good return. While the exit was indicated by the blue arrow, which indicates the left hand side.

Warning !

You can use this strategy at your own risk. is not responsible for any losses related to the use of any strategy presented on this site. It is not recommended to use this strategy on the real account without trying it on the demo account first.


Do you have any suggestions or questions regarding this strategic The Infinity APP? You can always discuss the important news trading strategy with your fellow Forex traders in the Trading Systems and Strategies Forum.