How do I start a journey of success ..?! Steps to reach the end

Reality Bending Secrets

How do I start a journey of success ..?! Steps to reach the end, These successful people always find them with great issues, whether their own, or their own communities and their own. They sacrifice the lives of comfort, luxury and innovation. They prefer the life of fatigue, care and financial spending in order to achieve their goals and major issues of different denominations and trends. And Is Reality Bending Secrets A Scam models in the old and modern, which we must consider them, and the best of the best, and the best of what we follow as the achievement of the goal .. The position of the Prophet – peace be upon him – when presented to the king, and large funds, etc., to leave his message. And his great response to them: If they put the sun in my hand E, and the moon in his left – and not only their money is not theirs – that leaves this religion, which never left until shown by God (ie, the target is achieved) or die without it ..! This is a great attachment to the goal and determination to achieve it!

And there are many aids and aids for the successful person, and the person who seeks to achieve success .. In order to determine the goals or goal that seeks to achieve .. The most important of these means:

This goal for every believer – the right of faith – is to achieve the satisfaction of God Almighty; our earthly goals must not occupy us with the truth of the purpose of our creation. God Almighty says: (And created the jinn and mankind. Only to worship). [Al-Atariat: 56]. The goal of each believer is to achieve slavery to God Almighty, to win his blessings .. And then wins the lower and hereafter. The goal setting and just without working to achieve it will lead to nothing but mirage .. It will not go beyond being a desire and only. As we said earlier.
2. Identify a mission, vision, goal, and goal that you strive to achieve on a personal level. This determination requires you to resort to thinking and strategic planning.

What is your vision in the long term? Or: What picture or position you see yourself after ten years, for example ?! What is your message in life, which you carry between your wings and strive to achieve ?! What are your goals and goals that you seek to reach ?!

This strategic thinking will help you answer these questions:

– What is my site now?

– What do I want to be in the foreseeable future, and the distant future?

– What message do I want to achieve?

– How and when and where I achieve my goals and then my message and my vision and my goals?

– what do I have to do now?

– Where do I start?

Reality Bending Secrets
Reality Bending Secrets

3 – Divide your goal or your major goals into small goals, starting with the end information, in the framework of your vision and mission, and once you have achieved a set of small goals to start in the next group .. The results or outputs of the group of small goals ends .. Input the following group .. and so on until you achieve your great goal in the framework of thought and strategic planning.

The person who wants success should write his own general plan, explaining the message, the future vision, the goals, the objectives and the operational means. The Eastern Keys plan may be for ten years or more or less, then split it into two plans, each covering five years. Each five-year plan includes a set of objectives. The five-year plan is divided into annual plans, each with its own set of objectives as a time frame. The annual plan is then divided into monthly plans and then weekly, and then to daily written and specific work.

We must know that the achievement of the great goal comes through the completion of small daily work. We do not neglect today’s work. On the other hand, there must be enough flexibility in these plans, and we should not despair if we do not achieve a phased goal or short-term goals. ; The flexibility available in the plans works on the absence of this despair, which may lead to the cessation of work, and then failure to complete the other plans, and thus the failure to win.

Proper planning to achieve short-term goals, as well as good planning for the completion of daily work, is required and desirable to achieve immediate results, which in turn lead to the lifting of the moral state, and helps to continue to accomplish the following work, and then achieve, and achieve the desired goal and planned.

4 – Always remind yourself of your big goal, and your small goals .. And write it .. and return to it daily – if you can – or weekly .. And calculate yourself to fail in achievement .. And reward for achievement .. Like give yourself a weekend leave Enjoying travel and entertainment Etc., and establish within you that you are able – by God’s permission – to reach your goal of great, trust in God and then the continuous work effective .. And that you are not less than successful and distinguished .. This establishes in your subconscious mind the so-called “awareness of success “This awareness will help you carry out actions and actions that will lead you to success and excellence.

5 – Do not over-estimate – determine your energies, and your personal abilities .. Each person abilities and energies are different from the other .. You must choose and set your goals in proportion to and correspond to your abilities and your personal and moral energies, and your trends and trends … etc.

And to determine the successful person for his goals commensurate with his abilities and energies and physical and mental potential, and material .. Give him a great ability, and a tremendous force to achieve these goals, and to achieve this successful man this proportion to learn what he finds himself qualified, and acquire the necessary skills beside academic science To be able to achieve the goals that aspire to .. Valasadq with the self of the most important factors of success, there is no need to imagine yourself capabilities much greater than the capabilities that God gave to you, this illusion will lead you to the failure is absolutely inevitable ..! Always see for yourself a subjective objective view away from exaggeration in describing your personal qualities and abilities so as not to be surprised and vanity; then your work will be defeated by the losers shown in the world and the Hereafter, and also away from the underestimation of these qualities and abilities so as not to become hopeless and despair, Useful for yourself and your family and your community, and therefore will not be harvested only the losers shown in this world and the Hereafter.

6 – After you set your goals .. Do not retreat from achieving ..! This means that you have half or half of the road to achieve these goals. All you have to do is keep up the hard work, determination and strong will to cut off half of the other road to reach your planned goals. And established in yourself that failure is waiting for you if you deviated from the path prescribed in your plan ..! Or leave your goals before reaching the end of the road!

7 – Always put your vision, your message and your strategic goals in front of you .. And look at your place you wish to reach ..! And watch the message that works for it ..! And continued the results achieved from the goals planned .. And look at the end of the road and what awaits you of success, and the realization of hopes and dreams!

8 – Make use of your success successively .. Achieving your small goals is evidence of your continued success, and a guide to the health of the path ..! It also means moving you from one stage to another. This transition will increase your degree, and you will become more familiar with the sciences, knowledge, ideas, and other experiences that will undoubtedly gain you more practical skills and experience that will help you achieve the following goals and stages. One step at a time – with increasing confidence in the health of planning, and road safety – until you achieve your big goal with The Manifestation Millionaire Reviews, and then plan for another great goal .. Because success always generates success!

9. Always remember that your success is not only beneficial to you alone, but also benefits your family, your small family and your living life, and that the sweetness of success is much greater than the taste of the bitterness of failure, but you must provide the reasons for success so you can taste it .

Finally, it is more beautiful for a person to feel that he has even a few contributions in the elevation of himself, his country, and his nation.