How To Become A Millionaire Through Speculative Exchange?

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Recently, the quality of books centered around wealth, such as: How to become rich in a few days and how to build huge wealth in a few hours and how to become millionaires and influential people and businessmen in record time? And how do you turn from a normal person to another to be highlighted?

Despite the spread of these books with a public turnout, however, the press frequently monitors cases of suicide and killing occur as a result of the losses suffered by their owners, especially in the field of the stock market and financial transactions, where the knowledge of the stock market and the circulation of securities risks and losses.

According to reports received by Bloomberg from FXCM and GCAP, 68% of Forex traders had a net loss in 2014, with 1% of every 3 Forex traders not losing or losing.

Despite these data, which may suggest that there is no escape in this area and that those who want to invest in the stock exchange must forget the richness, the daily Forex Master Levels trading is great potential to bring profitable investments, of course there are several risks in trading Forex, On large financial returns in one night.

Rapid Trend Gainer
Rapid Trend Gainer

Daily trading means daily trading in the Forex market is based on the execution of the trading process as a business process is followed by continuous can extend from minutes to several hours so the investor to follow the news and volatility in the money market permanently and continuously.

In recent years, daily trading has been compared to the trading swing and the position trading of the two positions.

The swing trade takes advantage of tides in Forex, with frequent movement or “swing” in trading operations within short periods of time ranging from several hours to days and a maximum of two weeks. On the other hand, the position or trend trade indicates stability in financial operations from months For years, each of these three types of exchange requires specific skills and experiences that are different from each other.

Some names in the Forex space have managed to become millionaires in spite of the risks surrounding this area, for example: Dan Zenger – a trader and technical analyst – is the biggest profit holder in the history of the market for his personal portfolio in a year, Profit in one year by a percentage of 29233% of his personal portfolio, and he holds the personal profit index for a year and a half.

Zenger has developed general rules for Secret Profit Matrix trading in order to reach a high return from trading in Forex, with the requirement that these rules suit the person with quick reaction, and of course you need experience, experience and commitment to these rules. These rules are:

1. You must make sure that the stock you want to buy has been a clear model of technical analysis, which is away from ambiguous trading.

2. Buy the stock at the rebound or when you give the form on the trading screen with the buy signal, check the trading volume, and know the average trading volume of the stock for 30 days. If you can not buy the stock at the beginning and it has risen 5% or more, do not enter.

3. Be quick to sell your share because it will soon return to the downside and do not forget to stop loss.

4. Sell 20 to 30% of the amount of shares you bought after the stock rose 15 to 20% from the break point.

5. Keep your strongest stock for the longest period and sell stocks that no longer escalate or become slow moving, and remember stocks are only good when you move up.

6. Find and identify the strong stock group and follow it, and make your choice of shares within the range of this group.

7. After the market moves for a long time, your stocks will be fragile before selling, which may make them fall down violently and fast in a way you will not believe, so you should learn the points of reflection through technical analysis.

8. Remember that the move of the stock needs a quantity of trading, so start by identifying the behavior of the trading volumes of your stock, and I know the reaction of the stock to the jumps of volume, you can see it on the trading screen as the amount of trading is the key to the movement of your share is the key to the success of the movement or They failed.

9. You often see recommendation stocks with specific entry points, but that does not mean that the correct entry is once you touch the entry point. You first have to see the movement of the stock and compare it with the amount of trading as well as the market position in general after all this is done.

In addition to adhering to the rules of Dan Zenger, there are reasons to prevent speculators from getting rich, you have to keep away from them, they are:

First: Use an inappropriate large margin which in turn amplifies losses or profits.

Second: fear of loss as speculators tend to try to reduce losses so that they get the least profit for fear of reverse market action.

Third: Errors in the trading platform or trading system are likely to occur where the system can refuse to close transactions because of problems with the Internet or computer.

Fourth: The lack of reliable sources of information on the various economic data that govern the prices of the stock market and currency movements These sources are available to banks that work in the field of Forex and is not available to Forex traders professionals.
Fifth: Forex market leaps are also one of the reasons for not getting rich in Forex trading, especially if the currency market movements in the direction of loss with a high margin.

Sixth: The absence of a regulatory center for the Forex market, that is, there is no specific entity to follow the traders of Forex and protect their rights and protect them from fraud and fraud.

Seventh: the emergence of some of the companies Almnabp is very widespread, some companies are changing the market prices in their favor and some refuse to withdraw the profits of customers and therefore dealing with a reliable company in the field of forex trading is very important before starting the trade itself.

Therefore, if you want to start Forex trading you should use an appropriate margin and maintain Stop-Loss and choose a reliable Forex company like rapid trend gainer to invest your money in it.