Innovative Outlook On Human Development


Innovative Outlook On Human Development Many individuals tend to distinguish between the interests of the private sector and the concerns of the public sector. And that most of them do not realize yet that there is a gray area between the two covered by the recent so-called business model: Business Social Enterprise.

Although the concept of directed thinking on Omnia Investments business and trade to solving social challenges is not new to the Arab world, where it is business sympathetic to others and charity advertised timidly part of everyday business, but that social businesses appearance gave this trend a concrete shape. Ghassan deals with the transfer of the Deputy Prime transfer Jordan Group in his article the existence of social businesses in the Jordanian economy and the Arab world in general with the recommendation to include the new business model in the education and policies.

Certainly, social entrepreneurship is not a new concept, but it has seen a remarkable development since its appearance for the first time in more than a decade ago. It is more than just a trend charitable or humanitarian, this new trend includes modern ways to address the social challenges facing the Arab world and the international community alike. Currently, social entrepreneurship stimulate the establishment of partnership between the public and private sectors so as to ensure effective and sustainable successes. As it brings with it a passion for defending the cause as well as skills and strong business Widgets. Despite the fact The participation of the private sector does not go beyond the provision of Omnia Investments financial resources, the social entrepreneurship at the present time based on actual alliances and innovative means to address social issues in a manner effective and sustainable and which guarantees the continuity of community empowerment and participation.


The idea of ​​social entrepreneurship is clearly rooted in the Arab culture, and a pop-up from the basic belief of the importance of helping others and lend a helping hand to them. It is often confused between social entrepreneurship in terms of social responsibility for companies or humanism or even charitable works on the other hand, the first more strategic and business-oriented. And until recently, was a catalyst for private sector participation programs focus on the alleviation of the problem in the short term, such as the elimination of famines. Although Omnia APP Scam that can not be ignored or denied, is still there as well as a common goal in the long term social empowerment and sustainable success should be taken into account. Here specifically it shows the importance of social entrepreneurship because it is in essence concerned with the creation of economic value and common social solutions.

The pioneers of social business as a whole fight social challenges innovative and dynamic way with a permanent keenness on sustainability. Take, for example, Muhammad Yunus, winner of the Nobel Prize in 2006 and founder of the Grameen Bank. It was the first goal of eradicating poverty, which by agreement is not so much a simple task. Younis way in dealing with the problem Provide small loans to Madman- seem simple but innovative, and these are often a hallmark of social entrepreneurship in its simplest form.

In Jordan, there are many existing partnerships between the public and private sectors already, though Fmsihamat private sector financial nature for the most part. Perhaps it would be useful if the development of the private sector’s cooperation with government institutions in order to develop a more pioneering work to deal with pressing social issues. The public sector also plays a key role in facilitating the partnership process and to ensure that private entities are able to pre-emptive action. It is important to remember that private sector participation will be effective and successful only if you allowed him to provide much more than financial resources; social entrepreneurship are at the top of its successes when the private sector provides of his preference distinct and analyzes in addition to his abilities on the planning and performance development processes .


In Jordan, there are many untapped areas that could be effectively used to promote the absorption of the growing social entrepreneurship. When using the media appropriately, it becomes a powerful tool to disseminate information effectively and on a large range of audiences across the UK. Should the media professionals as well as bloggers absorb the basics of social entrepreneurship first so that they can explain their advantages optimally.

Similarly, with the presence of 65% of the population of Jordan’s population under the age of twenty, looms another new area can be the pioneers of social business focus, namely universities. By providing customized for social entrepreneurship and encourage Darcy business and management to understand the social entrepreneurship training courses, there will be hope for the transformation of the concept is more than just a vision of empathy with others. There is hope that the social entrepreneurship become a way of life.

Finally, we must not be overlooked, and one of the most effective means to promote social entrepreneurship; namely, providing all of the critical thinking and community participation for students in a Sunni early stage so that their presence on the activities of not only post-only school, but as part of the basic curriculum. Moreover, there must be a study unit keener on the results to encourage children to consider a different way to themselves and their relationship to the world around them and how to persevere to explore ways to search for innovative solutions to resolve the crisis.

To ensure a more successful partnerships with the private sector, private sector entities continue to claim the need for full cooperation with each other, which will lead to a more unified and integrated efforts in nature and avoid repetition. As many of the participating practices innovative business and industrial tools ministries must be proven and effective alliances. Can the ministries of education and higher education in the Arab world and the inclusion of a comprehensive unit of study in schools and universities to provide students with information on leading the Social Business and tools needed to prepare the next generation of young pioneers of social business. And who will become the great hope for the future.