Mark Ling – Learn Build Earn Review Is LBE SCAM Or LEGIT? Marketing is one of the most important tools used by different companies to sell and manage their products and ensure the continuity of customer and consumer satisfaction within the process of continuous satisfaction of both parties to the business process, and the commercial companies realized the importance of marketing until many of them dedicated marketing section supervised by a team specialized on Highly trained and efficient.

Marketing stages

In order for marketing to achieve its desired results and to benefit the commercial companies must go through a number of stages:

Research and planning stage

 Or the so-called market research, where the owners of companies to study the market and everything related to the trends and preferences of customers and consumers and study the status of competitive products and prices and the extent of customer satisfaction and comments on them and the pricing policy of different products, and use the survey methods to obtain information about markets and products, This phase analyzes what information is collected with the use of experience and the realization of the mind to think about solutions and create plans and goals.

Learn Build Earn
Learn Build Earn

Product development stage

 This is the practical stage of the marketing process where companies develop products and design to meet the wishes of consumers and customers. After the results of the process of market research, it is engaged in the development of a product that meets the wishes of consumers with testing and testing this product in the market and test reactions to put on the market, Different alternatives are put to put the product in a different form to test each image according to the outputs of the feedback of the acceptance of the product in the markets.

Pricing stage

 This stage is undoubtedly an important stage in that it determines the value of the product in the market in a fair manner that profits the company in conjunction with the satisfaction of the customer, and the issue of reconciliation between the interest of the company and the interest of the customer in pricing is undoubtedly a challenge to many commercial companies, On the stage of market research and study outcomes in order to minimize errors and expectations.

Stage of distribution channels

 At this stage, the appropriate channel for the distribution of the products is determined through the commercial intermediaries or through the company itself, as well as the distribution method and its appropriate time.

The stage of marketing relations

 Where the company receives its weight in the market in order to maintain good relations with customers and consumers, and to ensure satisfaction with the products of the company to be accepted and purchased, and at this stage is listening to the views of customers and use them in the development of products.

Learn Build Earn

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