7 Figure Cycle Review – How to Market Products Online, One of the visitors to whom I am so proud is sent to consult me ​​about a website that offers a product for sale. The main focus of the consultation was how to market products online. So I offered him some tips and liked to benefit everyone.

7-Figure Cycle System


You may have a very great product that you can sell and earn millions from behind the Internet or you may have a great service such as furniture storage, pest control, house cleaning or whatever. However, how to market and display that product or service may be a hindrance. In front of the profit of those millions ..

Online Product Marketing:

If you want to know how to market products online or through the Internet, the first thing you should know when writing a sales letter to customers is to learn self-criticism .. We are not prophets or messengers .. Many of us may write a sales letter, article or post On a blog and does not tire itself then read it with my eyes and the mind of the critic .. Show your words on your mind and see whether you are convinced or not .. Put yourself in the place of your visitor and see whether you like or not .. Look for your mistakes and justice and learn from them ..

One of the most important things to consider when reviewing your sales letter is the factor of trust and credibility .. Have you found it achieved in the sales letter ?? Have you found yourself certified for that person (you) who wants to sell his goods to you? Are you now willing to pay part of the owner to get his product? Are you sure that an owner will return to you if there is a problem with the product? Is there someone else bought the product before you and have good opinions about it ??

One of the basic factors to sell your product easily and easily on the Internet is to win your customer confidence in you and believe you .. It is known that the customer on the Internet does not see you and perhaps you and the country and thousands of kilometers .. Do you think that the sale will be easy without a very high level of Credibility and trust between the parties (seller and buyer) …

Selling online:

One of the most important reasons that helps you to give your client the confidence and credibility in you and make him make the decision to buy with all profitability are:

Having a definition about yourself is clear and visible to your visitors. Explain them to you easily, easily and simply ..

Show them where you live and what are the ways of communicating with you

Put the views of the customers who bought from you before that … Of course, these opinions should be honest and not just fake words that have been written .. You can do this for example through your Facebook page or by having a place for comments on your product page … If there is no one You can offer your product – whether it is an electronic product – for free or at a very low price for the first 10 customers who buy from you, for example, in exchange for asking them to put their opinions on your product as long as you trust its quality. They themselves are a terrible marketing tool for you ..

Save your customers more than one method of payment to you .. Do not provide me as a way of payment through the bank only, and then I send money to your bank account without any guarantee on your part to send the product to me the same specifications other than words written on your site .. For example, I have another way of guaranteeing the rights of the parties by means of a site or other intermediary party, for example, the PayPal site, for example, which guarantees the rights of the parties (seller and buyer)

Provide a way for your customers to ask you about the product .. Any sale process is entitled to ask the customer about the product and specifications to make sure some things in mind .. If you do not provide a means to communicate with you to ask you will certainly lose because it will not gain confidence in you only your question and your answer There is a discussion between you.

Also the important thing in selling and Product marketing online is not to make the whole product in return for money .. But make part of it for free .. The client – especially the smart customer – will not buy anything before the experience .. And you not to provide a free part of me as a client to risk To pay my money in exchange for something I did not see and did not know the level of performance .. Thus, the factor of reluctance to buy me as a customer will be very large .. And then you should offer part of your product for free.

Also, it is not correct to have your sales letter with language errors .. Be professional in your presentation of your product .. Use an attractive language without exaggerating the advantages of your product .. But follow the approach of simplicity and gravity in the presentation and presentation ..

Make your sales message in brief points. Every point you address is a question you expect in the mind of your readers or customers. Do not make them talk behind each other so that the customer does not tire of reading.

Support your sales message with pictures and videos .. If you can record a video for you explaining your product will be better and better ..

If you can show your product in a storytelling way, it will be very fun. So a story with a problem will happen to someone. Then the solution will come through your product, for example.

Support the sales message with gifts and free offers to your customers who buy your product.

Show your product at a reasonable price (not expensive or cheap) but try comparing it to similar online products.

Those were some ideas, but I remembered something else, God willing, and those who had another addition let it be thankful to benefit everyone .. We are here to market online Learn from each other and add to each other’s experiences ..

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